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"I mom beeg am so sorry Megan...I hate beeg 4k it that you had to see me like this...I am so embarrassed..." My shame was so much that I couldn't help the tears welling up. Megan immediately came to my consolation..."Edna....its okay...I just had no idea it meant so much to you....plus you beag.com don't have to be embarrassed...its me.." Her supportive words reminded me of how great a person she was; I was so glad that she was my friend. "Really Megan...do you mean that??..." I managed to speak beeg.com/ through the knot in my throat. Her face light up with a warm inviting smile.."Of course I mean it Edna..I am always here for you..." 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I could not afford to have feelings for bee my best friend; not beeg.c only www beeg com was it unhealthy, but it would complicate things...'Edna beeg ass you can't let her know under any circumstances...' Deep inside of me, I knew I was too weak a person to deny my love for her, yet I had a strong presence of mind to understand its consequences, as I valued her friendship more that anything else in the world. I finally went to sleep with the conviction of keeping my feelings for Megan as secret as my weakness would beeg.com allow it. The next day in school I beeg ass was much more relaxed; I was able to concentrate beeg massage on my classes, even though my mind kept bringing up images of Megan. I was very excited that we were going to continue our conversation after volleyball practice. Then I had a naughty beeg x thought...'maybe she will even let me get in between her legs...that would definitely beeg come make my day...' 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She got the best of my curiosity. Then I felt something directly under my nose, it was very warm and somewhat moist; I immediately recognized it as a finger; it had a very peculiar smell; it was female spice, it was very strong; it made hd beeg my heart beat a little faster and my taste buds moistened; my skin began to warm up. "Do you like it?...." Megan whispered in a nervous tone beeg massage as she sat next to me, taking her finger away from my nose. I desperately grabbed her hand again and tugged it under my nose, trying to get as much of her smell as I could. "OOuuchhhh..!!" Megan complained as I pretty much dragged her by her finger so I could savor beegxxx her scent. "OOhhh Megan...where did you milf beeg have this finger...it smells really nice..." www.beeg..com "In a very special place...I thought you would like it" Megan couldn't stop blushing and beag.com her voice quivering. We were attentively staring at each other in mutual understanding; our friendship beeh was so beautiful, it was at another level; she understood my needs and was willing to help in any way she could, I could see the compassion in her eyes. When did I get so lucky to have a friend like her. I xxxbeeg was tempted to confess my love for her, my feelings, the passion that was building inside of me. Then the thunderous clapping of the volleyball beeg videos team snapped us beeg.com out of our moment, signifying that volleyball practice was over. Megan quickly straightened porn beeg up and took her hand back..."We better leave before they see us here...lets go to my house....I need to relax a bit...I beeg jepang am so tired..." As we walked towards Megan's house, I felt so at ease being in her company; she made me feel so safe and secure; holding hands down the tube beeg sidewalk made me feel that nothing could go wrong, while .beeg she was beeg beeg with me, I had nothing to worry about. 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As she made space for me to stretch at the bottom of her bed, she raised both her knees and spread her thighs a little, treating me to that gorgeous view that I couldn't resist. As she spread her thighs I caught a faint whiff of her sweat soaked shorts. I started to beeg. com fantasize about beeg xx once again putting my face in there and taking her beeg xnxx heavenly smell. I was a little anxious as she had already triggered my senses with her surprise earlier at the gym. I knew that I wouldn't be able to remain calm having her next beeg.c to me beeg-com displaying her attributes, so I decided to throw caution to the wind. "Aaa Megan...can I...do you mind....errrr...is it possible.." My voice trailing off as I couldn't get myself to speak my mind. "What is it sweetie??....tell me..." Megan's voice was very mellow and caring. I could only swallow, as I was so ashamed to ask. 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